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Jan 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
nevada. it appears byrne chose to walk from the music festival back to the resort. authorities believe she made a wrong turn and froze to death. her body wasn't found until days later because of snow banks as tall as ten feet tall along the area. the petaluma community is putting on two fund raisers to pay tribute to 19-year- old alyssa byrne. the first wraps up at nine tonight. kron 4's mike pelton shows us where the money is going. >> reporter: friends and strangers came here to this 'beyond the glory'.. with a 10% going to be center for missing children and exploited children. they've also put out a donation box for familie the family. >> i think that this situation is terrible and all aspects. i feel like just trying to help another family not having to go through this would be the best for everybody. >> a second fund-raiser is called tomorrow tomorrowpongo's tap.. >>> the community of steubenville ohio is outraged over the recent release of new information and images in a rape case involving an underage girl and two high school football players. we go now to susan candiotti for a
Jan 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
and a first-come, first-served basis. the festival is held the week leading up to labor day in the nevada desert. >> as congress returns from their winter vacation so does the push from many legislators to put into place stricter gun laws. on day one there were nearly a dozen new bills introduced related to gun violence. for more we go now to athena jones in washington. >> reporter: as students at sandy hook elementary returned to class. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords -- nearly killed in a mass shooting two years ago -- visited newtown, connecticut. and on capitol hill, lawmakers arrived to begin a new session on congress. with members in both chambers taking aim at guns. > "this is a fight that the american people are going to have to stand up and stiffen their spine." >> reporter: california democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce a bill to ban more than a hundred assault weapons -- eight years after the old ban she championed expired. another senate bill would ban high-capacity magazines. and among nearly a dozen gun bills introduced on day one in the house are
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
offshore. we can see idaho, nevada. cold conditions but for us we will start to see warmer weather. take a look of our rainfall totals. to date just under 1 in.. as for take a look agree should be for this time of the month we are seeing under 5 in.. 3 in. where we should be in san francisco. certainly, we could use the rain but we're not going to get it. still chilly with 30's. 35 in santa rosa. into the afternoon close to what we saw with upper 50s and 60s for the south bay. 58 in concord, and coming up the latest at the latest and greatest in television. what is hot. >> what is going on in new orleans? and the warriors. tiger woods looking good. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. gabe slate
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3